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Users management

Gestion utilisateur complète

Stop building your users back-office. Cryptr does all of the heavy lifting of user administration for your web application and provides a back-office to customize the user authentication & account experience for your users without adding lines of code.

Unlocking the missing links between the authentication & your app

We believe an authentication as a service provider should ease your pain, and yet there is always more work needed. Authentication as a service actually resolves only half of the authentication. We needed all of the user management, not just authentication.

An “airtable like” user edit

Easily edit your user fields, such as first names, last names, address ... etc.

Powerful filtering, sorting and grouping give you the freedom to organize your work the way you want.

Manage users by tenant

View your users by company. Create a specific login page per company with dedicated authentication settings, each enteprise’s users will be stored in a clean separated environment.

Manage users by app

You can handle many applications with one authentication system. Get a single source of truth. See only users who provided an authorization to an application.

Manage users by role

You can handle many applications with one authentication system. Get a single source of truth. See only users who provided an authorization to an application.

Manage your role authorization scopes

You don't want your users to access certain parts: you need an RBAC. Role-based access control systems assign access and actions based on a person's role in your applications. Everyone who has this role has the same set of stock rights.

Add custom fields to user (metadata)

In addition to standardized user profile information, you can add metadata to store information that is unique to you.

Discern users sandbox & production

Our sandboxing solution provides you with virtual environments that can be used to create and test users on their applications under development, giving you accessibility and flexibility.


In addition to using the dashboard, you can retrieve, create, update or delete users, groups and rights using our management API for your end users. Any action you can take in the dashboard, you can do in our API, and more.

Handle your hook events

Automatically performed actions with webhook events. Webhooks are used to trigger an action following an event. Use them in combination with third party hook-consuming services like Zappier, or even use them to receive an alert when something happens in another system.

Manage your roles & permissions

Edit your access decision policy yourself, based on the role to which the user is associated. A role usually stems from the structure of a business or the need for your application. Users performing similar functions can be grouped under the same role, roles can themselves be grouped into groups. Easily centralize your access authorizations with Cryptr.

Optimised for multi-tenancy

Our software architecture allows your software to serve multiple client organizations (enterprise) from a single API. It is opposed to a multi-instance architecture where each client organization has its own instance of software (and / or hardware) installation 2. Each customer organization has its own login portal and its own users, in its own database.

Edit your branding

Customize your API connection and self-hosted white-label user services. Cryptr allows developers to modify their login portals, registration and emails without the need for a single line code. Change your colors and edit your texts directly in graphql. You can also specify the url of your logo, add your legal links.

Get a full user account experience

Authentication is more than a login, Cryptr provides you all features you need for a full customer user account service

Cryptr users management As A Service offers a modern approach to handle end-users authentication security for web and mobile applications.