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Get A User CentricAuth Management

Improve and secure your application with the best tool box for end users accounts management.
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End User Authentication

A customizable authentication screen that you can integrated directly into your web or mobile application for : login, registration, account verification, multi-factors authentication, … . Devs can deploy it in any apps or websites within minutes. Get the information you want when your customers are registering: name, phone, email, … and give to your end users a improved experience without pains.


At Cryptr, we are stronghly focus to give a strong device authentication. We want to give you all the administration security tools you should need to limit the risks for your customers accounts.

Multi Factors Authentication

User Do Strong Authentication

Give to your end users a secure and easy authentication experience with our multi-factors authentication system using a wide range of second factors : sms, magic link, qr code, security question, biometrics. Choose the best second factor according to your type of activities (fintech, healthcare, marketplace, … ). Your end users are certain that only them can access to their account in any circumstances with the good device.

Alert notifications

Users Get Security Alert

Your end users are automatically informed in real time when a new device is registered as a secure access to their accounts. They can check and see activities related to their accounts and decide to secure them in case of suspicious activities. You can choose the best way to inform your end users: sms, email or notification. They are always aware of the good security of their accounts any time.

Device Management

Users Authorize Device

Your end users can add or remove easily devices : phone, laptop, tablet, … .

  • Engage user to recognize unsual activities

    Your end users are informed in real time on unsual activities : suspicious login attempt

  • Allow user to act

    End users are autonomous to act and manage their account authentications security

  • Users are notified on risk

    End users receive in real time security alerts by email, sms or notification



A white-label administration space for your users that you can integrate easily by widget or API into their customer account. Simple and easy, your end users are autonomous to manage the security of their authentications.

User Devices

Users Manage Device List

End users can see all their devices registered as secure access to connect at your service on their customer account. They can manage the list of devices : block devices (stolen or lost, …), retire some devices, add new ones, … . They are completely autonomous to manage their security needs.

Authentications History

Users See Security Events

End users can have a quick view of the security events related to their account authentication. They are autonomous to act if they don’t recognize a event or if a suspicious event is detected. They can inform themselves in their customer space in a clear and simple way actions related to authentications.

Recovery Account

Users Set Verification Methods

To be safe, your users should always have a backup email or phone number that’s also active. It’s going to be the primary way to recover their account in case theyr forget their password or they get hacked.