For Web & Mobile Applications

Authentication PlatformWithout The Pains

An automated solution passwordless for developers & product admin to manage and monitor your access policies
No risk to steal password

Thanks to our unique patented technology, there is no password on client, no password in the network and no password on the server.

Better UX for your users

No password to connect, just a click to Sign Up or Sign In. Stop to annoy your users with useless protection which stay a danger for your app.

Manage needs around authentications

Recover password, limit using to a current device, fight against sharing accounts and many other use cases. Whatever your business requires.

Designed for developers, thought for admins

Developers take only few minutes to give a strong user account tool to admins

 Easy integration

 Seamless business

 No security skills


All The Needs Of Tech People

Quickly implement our authentication system, on your application, whenever it is web, mobile or IoT. We propose client-side & backend integrations, & real time webhooks.

You can improve your time development, reduce maintenance of your systems. Just focus on your product user experience.

  • Full documentation
  • Library in each language
  • A versioned API
  • Webhooks
  • A test environnment
  • You can join metadata

See why developers will love it
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Crypt r saas overview
For Admin

Monitoring & automation for non tech

Strong tools for your business to fight against frauds & hackers. Easily manage your authentication policy.

  • Get the adapted protection

    Customize your security policies with our workflows automation with your own constraints

  • Stop to block good users

    Never block again your good users because of passwords lost or stolen

  • Be notified on risk

    Receive security alerts by emails or sms and get notified in real time on risk

  • Set on autopilot

    Manage, monitor and deploy your security policies with automated workflows

See why administrators will love it

Cryptr Advanced Features

The implementation of a complete and reliable authentication solution covers a wide range of complex issues and fields. This implementation requires significant time and security skills.

Passwordless SSO

Enable your users to access multiple services, websites and applications with a single sign-on system.

Multi-factor authentication

Easily add multi-factor authentication according to the uses cases of your customers : multi-device connection, fintech, …

Transaction approval

Secure and validate your Transactional Information (identity, payment ...) thanks to our cryptographic technology.


Manage and monitor your security policies with automated or custom workflows. Use our autopilot including all necessary security rules.


Manage the access policy of your users on different devices (change of computers...) through our Multi-Factors Authentication system.


Detection and prohibition of risky browsers (Tor...) for better management of the security of access to your web or mobile solution.