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SSO Admin Onboarding

Self-service authentication configuration support for SaaS customers' IT teams

Save time for your technical support team, Cryptr automates the assistance of your customers' IT teams to set up new single sign-on and directory connections accessible via a secure configuration link sent by email. Impress your B2B clients with a high level of professionalism in identity management.

SSO Admin Onboarding illustration
Onboarding Steps

How it works

Automate SSO support configuration and use our fast and live testing tool

  1. Email an access link to the IT admin
  2. Your customer's IT administrator now has access to a configuration space with all the information and certificates specifically needed by its Identity Provider
  3. It only takes 3 minutes for your client to set up the SSO connection or the synchronization of their employees directory with your SaaS. They can now test their integration live, directly from their configuration page.
Onboarding links

Automatic generation, dedicated to your customer, of the secrets and certificates required for their authentication solution

Offer your customers all the configuration elements necessary to connect to your SaaS by single sign-on (SSO) from your customer's identity management solution. All of this accompanied by pedagogical elements for each element provided.

  • Identifiers & certificate elements according to your customer's identity solution
  • Generated & dedicated specifically for each client
  • No authentication knowledge required

Create the admin onboarding

Collaborate with the SSO administrator of your customer in one API

Send invitation email to the SSO Administrator of your customer with all the configuration. You can create, update onboarding seamlessly and immediately.

Reset onboarding at any time without affecting the administrator's email set.

Together, configure the SSO that works best for you.

Create an SSO tool and grant access to the SSO admin

Interchangeable and targeted invitation email

Save time with SSO setup collaboration

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An Agile SSO Setup

SSO configuration in minutes

Integrate to your SaaS a self-service onboarding SSO configuration

The real-time tool to set up, manage, and automate SSO with the administrator of your customer - No prior knowledge of authentication is required, it's easy and quick!

Cryptr users management As A Service offers a modern approach to handle end-users authentication security for web and mobile applications.