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Our Wonderful Investors

At Cryptr, our investors are the cream of the crop

50 Partners
Cyber Impact


  • Zinal Growth

    Zinal Growth

    Global tech investor funded by Guillaume Pousaz, Founder & CEO of

  • 50 Partners

    50 Partners

    50 experienced entrepreneurs select and guide the best projects of the Digital

  • Cyber Impact

    Cyber Impact

    French fund dedicated to cybersecurity champions funded by the CEO of Oodrive,  Sentryo, Vade and Wallix

  • Marc Sabatier

    Marc Sabatier

    Founder and CEO of Julhiet Sterwen

  • Alexei Chemenda

    Alexei Chemenda

    Founder & CEO of Stealth, Forbes 30 Under 30 | Y Combinator Alumni

  • Guillaume Luccisano

    Guillaume Luccisano

    Cofounder at Triplebyte & Socialcam

  • Jonathan Bordereau

    Jonathan Bordereau

    CEO & Cofounder Golden Bees, Tech Entrepreneur & Investor

  • Guillaume Lestrade

    Guillaume Lestrade

    Cofounder at Tropee, Leeto & Meero

  • Louis-Paul Dareau

    Louis-Paul Dareau

    Cofounder at ProcessOut, Director of Engineering at

  • Cyril Chemla

    Cyril Chemla

    Cofounder at ProcessOut, VP Commercial Development at

  • Grégoire Delpit

    Grégoire Delpit

    Cofounder at ProcessOut, Head of Strategy at

  • Nicolas Dessaigne

    Nicolas Dessaigne

    Cofounder at Algolia & Group Partner at Y Combinator

  • Emmanuel Touboul

    Emmanuel Touboul

    Managing director at Roland Berger Tech Ventures

  • Jean-Baptiste Aviat

    Jean-Baptiste Aviat

    CTO & cofounder at Sqreen, Staff Engineer APM & AppSec at Datadog

  • Antoine Ayoub

    Antoine Ayoub

    Cofounder Le Wagon Canada and Angel investor

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