Plans That ScaleWith Your User Growth


Authentication for side projects and early-stage applications. Badge required.
  • 7000 first users

  • Then $9,90 per 1000

  • Monitoring-only mode

  • 7 days data retention

  • 1 Team Member

Admin pro

Double authentication, White label & administration for team.
  • Each 2500 monthly active users

  • Custom domain name & email

  • Two-factor auth (2FA)

  • 30 days data retention

  • 3 Team Members


Automation for non tech people, Strong authentication & business protection
  • Each 10000 monthly active users

  • Drag & Drop custom automation

  • Biometric Authentication (MFA)

  • Minimum 90 days data retention

  • User account sharing protection

Choose the plan that’s right for you

CommunityAdmin ProEnterprise
Sign In/Up

Cryptr hash technology
Transactionnal messages
SignIn Email link
Magic link
One Time Password
Multi Factor Authentication
Custom messages
Social strategies
OAuth delegation

Log Retention30 days90 days365 days
SignIN/SignUP monitoring
Instant notification
Unusual User Behaviours
Security Rules

Request rate limit
Scope & permissions
Ip White/Black list
Sharing Subscription Protection
Custom alert notification

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I trust Cryptr with my users?

Cryptr uses cryptographic technology with a very high level of security. Our technology has been tested against hackers and we have two international patents from scientific research. Our solution is based on breakthrough innovation in the field of authentication technologies.

How do I know my user's data is safe?

The Cryptr infrastructure puts in place highly effective protection devices to ensure the confidentiality of customers. All data is stored in highly secure AWS data centers. You benefit from a data center and network architecture designed to meet the requirements of the most rigorous organizations in terms of security.

If I surpass the 7000 users Free Plan, is my account still working ?

Your account will still works. When you go near the 7000 users, you will receive a message informing you of the possibility to switch to the pro version to be able to exceed the ceiling of 7000. You will benefit from all the features of our solution on the paid version that you could test for free for 30 days.

How long does my trial last?

Your trial is not time limited and it will be free forever as long as you stay under 7000 users.