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Plan that scale with your user growth

Pay only for your active users with flexible pricing for developers and enterprises whatever their size



250 active users/monthFor developers
  • Sign-up & sign-in screen

  • Users management back office

  • Passwordless via email

  • Self hosting user account

  • OAuth2 & OpenID protocol

  • 3 Webhooks

  • 100 hook events

  • Sandbox to test user flow

  • 2 days of event logs retention

Most popular


Start at 99€

1000 active users/month*For startups
  • 3 tenants**

  • Max: 5000 users per month

  • Community features

  • Logo & color customization

  • Role management

  • 10 Webhooks

  • 2000 hook events

  • 2FA SMS (sms rates apply)

  • 10 days of event logs retention

No credit card (of course 🙂)

*+0,040€ per additional user


Coming soon


Start at 499€

5000 active users/month*For growing businesses
  • 10 tenants**

  • Max: 25 000 users per month

  • Pros features

  • Unlimited Social Login

  • Lead generation module

  • Unlimited Webhooks

  • Protection sharing account

  • WebAuthn

  • 30 days of event logs retention

*+0,070€ per additional user


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I trust Cryptr with my users?
There are no longer any passwords in the process of authenticating your customers so there is no risk of password theft at all. Cryptr Technology is RGDP & DSP2 Compliant. Our Technology is designed with respect for security and data confidentiality and based on Oauth2, OpenID Connect, and FIDO.
How do I know my user's data is safe?
The Cryptr infrastructure puts in place highly effective protection devices to ensure the confidentiality of customers. All data is stored in highly secure GCP data centers. You benefit from a data center and network architecture designed to meet the requirements of the most rigorous organizations in terms of security.
How long does my trial last?
If you are on the community plan, as a developer your account will be free for life 🙂. On the Pro plan, the free trial will end after 1 month.
What if a user loses access to their email?
Either the user can contact their email service provider (Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo, ... ) for account recovery or you can change their email in your Cryptr back office and send them a new connection link after verifying their identity.
How long does a user's authenticated session last?
Users remain authenticated for up to 1 month. After 1 month, they just have to do their authentication with their email and the cryptr sign-in link. They can also disconnect at any time with the log-out button. The possibility to customize the session length via SDKs or with your Cryptr Back-office is on our road-map. Until this, if you need a specific length session let us know.
Do you have any special offer for Startups?
We have a lot of partnerships with incubators that allow Startups to take benefit of Cryptr offers at a discounted rate. If your incubator is not already a partner, let us know and we will contact them.
What happens if I want to stop using Cryptr?
If you want to stop using Cryptr, you just have to tell us when you want to end the service. We will give you an export of all your data to any format.

Get a full user account experience

Authentication is more than a login, Cryptr provides you all features you need for a full customer user account service

Cryptr users management As A Service offers a modern approach to handle end-users authentication security for web and mobile applications.