Enterprise Single Sign-On - Multi provider SSO with self service client configuration

Achieve SSO compatibility with dozens of providers in just 2 API requests and provide a step-by-step configuration portal for your client’s IT admin.

Enterprise Single Sign-On

Make your clients able to use their own SSO solution in your app

  • AzureAd
  • Google
  • Okta
  • ADFS
  • OneLogin
  • PingOne
  • IBM Security
  • Ping Federate

IT Admin Onboarding


A complete self-serve SSO configuration portal for your client’s IT admin

Save time and increase efficiency with a secure, easy-to-use portal for your customers. No security and authentication expertise is needed. Always up-to-date support materials for seamless SSO integration across all identity providers. Make your customers autonomous to configure SSO without contacting your support.


We take care of all the credentials exchanges for you

Your customers have their own space to receive their credentials and certificates.


Attribute mapping

Normalize your clients' data

Cryptr transforms authentication data into a standard format in your JWT, ensuring consistency and comparability.

Attribute mapping

Tutorial progress

Track the progress of your client's SSO configuration

Manage your clients' administrators to ensure the proper progress of the SSO connection to your app at each stage.

Tutorial progress


Invite administrators

Manage invitations from your clients' administrators to follow the good reception of the access of their onboarding.

IT Admin config validation

We support your customer to enable them to validate their SSO configuration

1Admin try login

Client's administrator try its configuration with their first login directly at the end of their wizard

Try login

2Result of the try

The client's administrator get confirmation with the data of its try, or we help him to fix your configuration


🎉 Voila! You get the success notification of your customer configuration

Confirmation email

Users policy


Three Options to Choose the Right User Access and Storage Policy for Your SaaS

Ensure your SaaS platform meets the diverse needs of your enterprise customers with our customizable access and storage policies. We offer three tailored options to help you manage user access and data storage effectively.

Bring your own database

No users persistence

Bring your own database

Maximize control over your data with our “No Users Persistence” feature, allowing you to bring your own database for user management. This option ensures that your user data remains within your own infrastructure, providing unparalleled flexibility and security

Directory access control

Only registered users

Ensure only authorized users access your services with Directory Access Control. Restrict access to registered users, reducing the risk of unauthorized interactions with your system.

Just-in-time (JIT)


Just-in-time (JIT)

Auto-provisioning sets up new accounts instantly. Just-in-time provisioning creates accounts at login, enhancing security.

Add enterprise SSO for free

Cryptr simplifies user management for your business: quick setup, guaranteed security, and multiple free features. With robust authentication and easy, fast configuration, we meet businesses' security needs hassle-free.