Directory Sync: Inpulse Finds the Perfect Solution with Cryptr

by Daniel Jesusegun,

Inpulse revolutionizes supplier order management for restaurants

Once upon a time in 2018, two visionaries named Brice and Valentin embarked on an adventure called Inpulse. Their mission? To explore the restaurant industry and challenge the status quo. With keen observations and unwavering curiosity, they identified critical management issues and paradigms in need of disruption. That’s how Inpulse was born, with the desire and conviction to provide restaurants with reliable data in real time to help them in their day-to-day management.

**Inpulse is creating a magic recipe with AI **

Inpulse has a strong and ambitious vision: to support players in the food industry by automating point-of-sale operations through the power of AI.

Inpulse is a modern management platform that allows restaurants, dark kitchens and themed corners to automate daily management operations and improve gross margins. By freeing field teams from time-consuming and complex tasks, Inpulse enables them to focus on delivering the best customer experience.

The possibilities are numerous: AI-based sales forecasts, suggested orders and automated meal planning. This makes it possible to place supplier orders as close as possible to actual requirements, optimize meal preparation, minimize losses and shortages, and thus improve margins.

But it doesn’t end there. At headquarters, you gain real-time insights into material costs, gross margins, consumption discrepancies, and more. Quickly identify areas where you may be losing margin, take control over technical sheets, suppliers, market prices, and promotions, enabling you to react swiftly and make informed decisions.

For restaurant owners, Inpulse is a game changer, saving them valuable time. With up to 15 hours saved per month per operator, at headquarters and in the field, Inpulse delivers an ultra-fast return on investment. Precise management of production and purchasing, combined with optimum control of food costs, enables its customers to achieve gross margin growth of up to 5 percentage points.

A Shared Family: 50 Partners 

Cryptr and Inpulse are both part of the 50 Partners acceleration program, which is known for providing high-quality mentorship, funding, international connections, as well as network and office spaces in central Paris to a select group of startups. It was at the 50 Partners program that Cryptr and Inpulse first met and began their journey of collaboration and innovation.

But 50 Partners is more than just an accelerator. It’s a supportive family that fuels growth, helping startups shine and saving them precious time.

Under the expert guidance of Jérôme Masurel and his dedicated team, 50 Partners has earned its reputation as a European accelerator benchmark.

It’s here that Inpulse found itself rubbing shoulders with fellow disruptors like Cryptr. With a shared mission to tackle customer pain points, Inpulse streamlines food industry operations, while Cryptr provides innovative solutions for SaaS authentication.

User Provisioning: An Essential Requirement for SaaS

User provisioning refers to the process of creating, managing and deleting user accounts in a SaaS application. It enables administrators to manage users’ access rights and control their use of the application.

With a growing number of users, Inpulse was faced with the problem of manually adding and deleting users for companies using their solution. For example, in the case of Inpulse’s clients, a CSV file compiling a month’s incoming and outgoing users was sent by email to the Inpulse team. Inpulse then had to manually update this file so that new users could access their platform and old users could be deleted.

User provisioning is essential for SaaS, as it guarantees secure access, authorization management, effective user monitoring and management, scalability and process automation. This helps to deliver an optimal user experience and maintain data security and confidentiality in SaaS applications.

Cryptr Directory Sync: The Obvious Answer

We reached out to Inpulse, led by our Head of Sales, Malo Jamain, to showcase our authentication services and how they can empower their clients with effortless system synchronization across various directories. With Cryptr Directory Sync, manual user management becomes a thing of the past, enabling businesses to streamline operations and ensure a consistent user experience across platforms. With just a few lines of code, SaaS can enable SCIM provisioning with all directory providers used by large companies.

Cryptr Directory Sync is a tool that offers businesses a streamlined approach to managing user accounts and access permissions across various systems and applications. By synchronizing user data from a central directory to multiple platforms, Directory Sync eliminates the need for manual user management, reducing administrative overhead and enhancing operational efficiency.

The advantages of directory sync are numerous:

Simplified User Management: With Directory Sync, businesses can manage user accounts, permissions, and attributes in a centralized directory. Changes made to user data in the directory automatically propagate to connected systems, ensuring consistent and up-to-date information across platforms.

**Enhanced Security: **Directory Sync helps enforce strong security practices by ensuring that users access permissions are synchronized across all applications. When an employee leaves the organization or changes roles, their access can be promptly updated, reducing the risk of unauthorized access, therefore diminishing shadow licenses and the costs associated with it.

Increased Productivity: By automating user provisioning and deprovisioning, directory sync saves valuable time and effort. New employees can quickly gain access to the necessary systems, enabling them to start working efficiently from day one. Likewise, when an employee leaves, their access can be revoked promptly, preventing unnecessary access to sensitive resources.

Seamless User Experience: Directory sync enables a seamless user experience by allowing employees to use their existing credentials to access multiple systems and applications. This eliminates the need for users to remember and manage multiple passwords, reducing frustration and improving productivity.

Scalability and flexibility: As businesses grow and adopt new systems, directory sync ensures that user accounts and access permission can be easily extended to these platforms. This scalability and flexibility empower organizations to embrace new technologies without compromising user management efficiency.

Generally, directory sync simplifies user management, enhances security, increases productivity, provides a seamless user experience, and offers scalability and flexibility. By leveraging this technology, businesses can optimize their operations, streamline access management, and focus on driving their core objectives with ease.** **

Swift Implementation

With accelerating growth and more and more customers, Inpulse needed to quickly implement directory synchronization to optimize its collaboration with its customers. The implementation process had to be fast and transparent, and that’s exactly what Cryptr was designed to do.

Cryptr is a complete toolkit for developers, who can quickly and easily add our authentication solutions with just a few lines of code using our SDKs: Vue, Angular, React, Laravel, Go, PHP, Nodejs, Rails, etc. IT teams can save months of development time thanks to Cryptr, without having to manage obscure authentication protocols.

A Long-term Partnership With Our Customers

We didn’t stop there. At Cryptr, we go above and beyond to provide comprehensive support to our valued customers because our motto is simple: never let a customer down.

To ensure seamless communication and enhance the customer experience, we’ve taken a proactive approach by introducing our vibrant slack workspace called “cryptr_community,” where our customers are at the heart of the conversation to sort out their technical needs. Within this workspace, Inpulse benefits from a private channel dedicated to implementing Cryptr with the full support of our developer success team, accessible through messages or video calls.

With all this support in place, Cryptr is able to implement Directory sync for inpulse and other customers with simple lines of codes 

Significant time savings

Having integrated Cryptr Directory Sync, Inpulse can now focus on its customers and continue to onboard even more users!

With Cryptr Directory Sync, SaaS customers can say goodbye to the era of CSV files and enter a new era of integration for provisioning their users. Now, every time a customer adds a new user to its identity manager, the Inpulse application automatically creates the corresponding user account without any manual intervention.

Gone are the days of manual data entry and countless round trips. Our Directory Sync connector connects directly to the main identity managers used by businesses to enable effortless synchronization of user directories, while saving time and minimizing the risk of errors.

This saves Inpulse and its customers a significant amount of time when creating users. No more CSV files, no more manual updates. With Cryptr’s Directory Sync, Inpulse can now concentrate on other important tasks and ensure that user management is handled accurately and efficiently.

This is just one example of how Cryptr is transforming the way our clients manage their user base. Our commitment to simplifying operations and enhancing productivity knows no bounds. We’re here to empower businesses, eliminate tedious tasks, and make work life more enjoyable.

We do even more

Apart from Directory Sync, we offer a wide range of products to help SaaS companies with their authentication processes.

One major product we offer is the SSO (Single Sign-On) authentication which is an authentication method that allows a user to log into multiple applications or services with a single set of credentials. Instead of needing a different username and password for each application, the user can simply use their SSO credentials to access all applications connected to their SSO account.

Large enterprises require SSO when dealing with SaaS companies and so we offer a universal SSO connector, which adapts to all types of SSO connections and Identity Providers available on the market: Okta, Ping Identity, Azure AD, ADFS, SiteMinder, Keycloak, IBM Security Access Manager and many more. 

Cryptr can also develop the SSO connection with systems of less common identity providers for its customers, at no additional cost. Read more about the advantages of SSO here.

We have other products like Magic link for passwordless Login, Password login with automatic leak detection and MFAt. The main objective of these products is to provide SaaS companies with the most suitable B2B authentication, according to the security requirements of their enterprise customers.

For more information on Cryptr Enterprise Connection, here is a short video showcasing the product: Cryptr Enterprise Connection

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