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UI Editor

Visually build login in minutes

Cryptr empowers developers & designers to build their custom login screen with no code. Our solution is the best login editor on the market.


You can design the style of any UI elements to fit the look of your brand

Create in minutes

Our UI editor make it easy to design on-brand form as fast as possible, without writing a line of code

No-code design

The easy to use UI editor. For content creators, designers, but not necessarily developers.


You can customize your design for different screen sizes.


Simple to use and without code

Design your signin, signup & consent template in real time with the Cryptr UI Editor. It contains all the features you need. Your design is quickly ready to be published and handed over to the developers.


Customize any elements to suit your brand

Cryptr can be customized with and appearance that matches your organization's brand requirements and user expectations. You can personalize each registration or login page of your B2B customers with a dedicated branding.

Go from our template to your design

Start with the pre-made template from Cryptr's template, so you don't have to begin from scratch. After you can modify every bit to personalize, and scale your design.

  • A library of ready-made elements to start with

  • Modify in simple click to edit the logo, change colors, the element order and more

  • See the preview in different sizes before instantly publish in a single click

Responsive template

Create a design that adapts to multiple screen resolutions from desktop to mobile. Define styles for different screen sizes.

Get a full user account experience

Authentication is more than a login, Cryptr provides you all features you need for a full customer user account service

Cryptr users management As A Service offers a modern approach to handle end-users authentication security for web and mobile applications.