Cryptr is the fastest way to login

More security without password

Install Cryptr Authentication System and simplify your users life

We have simplified the authentication process by maintaining a high level of security and improving the user experience. Cryptr is a safe and convenient way to authenticate users adaptable to various security constraints.


Your users don't have to create complicated passwords and remember them. You give them a better user experience without pains to access to your service. They can enjoy your service in peace of mind.

High Security

We have replaced the password by our new patented Cryptographic Authentication Technology with a high security level. Cryptr is the new way to Sign Up and Sign In without compromising security.


Your users can access your website into multiple devices : computers, tablets and smartphones. They can register each one as a secure access with our multi-factors authentication.


Your users can see all the devices that they use to access to your website or mobile app on their customer account. They can easily remove one if it is stolen or lost. They are immediately informed for suspicious logins.


When your user sign up the first time, he puts the information you requested (name, email, phone, ...) and valid. Cryptr technology is set up in the browser without any actions from your users.


Your users will be never blocked because of a password lost or stolen. They always have access to your service so they will never be frustrated and you will not lose money by missing their purchases.