Secure Your Access Policy With AStandalone Administration Platform

Cryptr brings you a set of features designed to secure your customers authentications

Your End Users Without Password Quickly Sign Up, Easy Sign In

Security with no frictions to get & retains more customers

Registration in one click

A customizable authentication screen "Password Less" integrated directly into your web or mobile app. Your new users can sign up quickly without the pain to create a password. You bring them a better experience with a higher security.

Passwordless login

Fast login without password to access to your app. The password is completely removed without compromising authentication security and replaced by our patented cryptographic authentication technology. The device is registered as secure access by Cryptr.

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No password to steal

There is no longer passwords stored on the device or on the server. side So, there is no customers passwords to steal for hackers and your customers accounts access are protected against suspicious login.


Monitor Your Customers Logins To Stop Leaks


Monitor your user session

Cryptr allow you to monitor users activities in real time, logins activities, total time connected, browsers used, devices used, risks notications, location,…


Detect & be notified to failed login

Be informed in real time of failed login so you can quickly detect and resolve the issue for a better satisfaction of your customers

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Devices Monitoring

Get Insights On User Mobiles & Computers


Track authentication history by device

Follow the devices which are used for each customers. You can remove, authorize device, or limit the quantity of computers & mobiles per user to avoid abuses. When a user sign in to your web service, be sure that your application actually authorize the device. Watching device activities is the missing piece of basic authentication solutions.


Automatically check when device change

Your end users are informed automatically for unusual login from new location or new device. They can make a security check by themself with the multi-factors authentication. Make sure your customers are always aware of security issues.


Get The Tools To Act On Security Risks


Get alert in a way that suits you best

Stay informed by choosing the best way to receive alerts : sms, email, notifications. Never miss critical informations by choosing the type of alerts you want to receive and stay aware on what matters for you.