MultiFactorFor All

Give to your end users the best way to secure their authentication with our MFA solution

Works Easy

Fast, secure and simple, Cryptr MFA is the easiest way for your end users to log in to your service on any device. Keep your customers accounts safe from the beginning without complex passwords to create.

1. Signup and Login

End Users can sign up or add devices easily while having high security

2. Verify user and device

A one time code receiving by sms or email on user's phone to valid the sign in or the new device

3. Check done

An automated welcome email customizable to inform your end users


Secure From The First Step

Despite the risks of hacking 59% of internet users use the same password for all their online accounts which facilitates the work of hackers. For us security start from the beginning, with Cryptr you allow your users to have a secure and pleasant login experience without the pain to create complex passwords.

With Cryptr Multi-Factors Authentication system, you give to your end users a strong tool to be certain of the security of their account authentications.


Autonomy And Simplicity

End users can approve or deny easily authentications request with their smartphone. They can receive sms or push notifications from your app. They are autonomous to manage the security of the accesses to their account without contacting your helpdesk.

Give to your end users a new way to get secure and let them forget the password.

SMS Verification

Your end users just need to have a phone number. They can receive a security sms on any type of phone and get secure thanks to our MultiFactor Authentication system. Our security sms is based on our patented cryptrographic technology and it’s suitable for everyone.

Cryptr Authenticator

Convert your mobile App in a strong authentication solution by adding our MFA features directly into your app. Add quickly and easily by widget or SDK Cryptr Authenticator in white label in your mobile app. Our solution works on iOS and Android.

Plug And Play

Embed our MFA system in your app is easy and quick. It only takes few minutes.