Our Mission : End the password

Your Database must NOT be your Password Vault

Our mission is to enable any organization to use an highly secure authentication technology without passwords for their customers

Risk of storing authentication data in databases

Credit card numbers are not stored anymore on customers databases, so why to continue to store password ?

Excessive privileges

It’s not easy to manage access for administrators with large privileges. It's a target which is attacked first by hackers in the theft of passwords. This type of access allows them to get into the network and make the changes they want by remaining completely invisible.


SQL injection is an extremely powerful attack vector when it is well exploited. It consists of modifying an SQL query by injecting unfiltered pieces of code. SQL injection attacks can compromise your database and thus the security of access to your user accounts via passwords.


Some old Malwares are always able to recover large amounts of passwords without being immediately detected by the antivirus. So, which is the problem : the Malware or the password ? At Cryptr we have the answer !

Security expertise

The implementation of an Authentication system can not be improvised and needs to have very strong cybersecurity skills to be deployed correctly. It can be a tough experience and we want to take this burden instead of developers.

Data exposure

When a customer account is hacked, a lot of informations can be easily accessible and stolen. One of the most sensitive is the means of payment (Crédit Card Number, …). This is the main target for hackers. Stolen passwords are the key to access this data.