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User Account As A Service

Sans mot de passe et une expérience de compte de première classe

Building a strong user account experience for your customers is hard & complex, it’s a matter of product experience with no compromise with the security & data laws.
You handle a lot of friction from your authentication & customer identity. More than authentication, you need to handle many things, such as a personal account space to make able users to manage their contact methods through multiple devices, transactional emails and more.

Hero authentication mobile
Hero authentication screen

Allow your customers to login into your apps without using a password.

Save 50% of customer support call and 60% of user churn in the event of password loss. And it greatly improves your security without any password stored. 

Passwords are difficult. Most modern systems require users to set complex passwords that are difficult to crack but just as difficult to remember (nobody like "%#.!abc123_~.-" 🤯). Many users end up using the same password in many services, making them more vulnerable to potential identity or information theft. This impact

Onboard quickly new users

Onboard quickly your new users with a Cryptr Signup link

When your customers try to signup in to your apps, they see a single field form for their email address, instead of the traditional email password forms found in other apps.

After they submit their email address, your applications show them a new screen that prompts them to use a "login button" sent to their inbox to complete their login.

You get only users with verified email, and its hard to share or farm account.

Simple login in one click from email

After receiving and opening the message containing the "Magic Link", users can now tap on this link which would automatically jump back to the app and pass all the appropriate credentials to finalize the connection process

Weeks or months later, user easily login just with their email, whatever their mailbox provider

Simple login from email'
Long authentication session

Long authentication user sessions

At this point, users no longer need to interact with the login flow, and they will be logged in and ready to use the app.

A new authentication is performed behind the scenes when the user closes and reopens their browser without a new login link process. This action is completely opaque for the user, for whom the session only continues. This one is valid for one month. There is no personal data stored in the browser.

With long session of authentication, your users doesn't need to login each days.

A Google Account Experience For Your Users

Your applications need more than authentication. This would imply the development of many additional parts to authentication for your users. Be at the level of a Google user account experience.

Not just authentication

Main actors of the Authentication As A Service solves half of the pain of the authentication, you still need to develop many interfaces & services around the authentication, like the account space to handle authentication methods or the ability to handle multiple users from same devices

Google account experience

Self-hosted user account

With Cryptr, you get a solution as a service to avoid reinventing the wheel around authentication. Your users have a profile area where they can manage their account themselves. Or you can edit your transactional emails without any third party planning to send emails. And there is so much more ...

Cryptr users as a service

A White Label Full Featured User Accounts

Add sign up, sign in, and profile management to your application in minutes. Theme your self hosted user spaces or use prebuilt User Interface components match your branding.

A logged in user needs to manage their own account

Make your users proactive in the management of their user account by offering them access to a personal space for the management of their profile

User Account Access

With our javascript SDK, you get a ready-to-use "session in progress" component with direct access to their user account. This access is temporary and only possible if the user is currently logged on.

User account access

Connected Device

Your users can see the devices that have been used for their account

They can see computers, phones, and other devices that are currently or have recently used their white-branded accounts (in your brand colors). They can check this information to make sure that no one else has signed in to your account.

Connected device


Let your users take control of their account security, change their contact method, or even select their authentication method. They can update their email or phone number.


Pre-built UI

Create great user flows

Cryptr provide rich & prebuilt UI components that help you create your own authentication & user flows across desktop and mobile. Directly in your application with our widgets or without any lines of code in our self-hosted service.

B2B multi-tenancy

In Cryptr, the concept of "tenant" is instantiated as domain "". When it comes to creating a user store, managing connections and user profile information to your application, "your tenant's domain" is the home for all user identity and ownership access management. To provide SSO for all of your applications, your Cryptr domain is what you will use to authenticate your users.

Separated users store by company

Custom login per company

Cryptographic key per company

Get a full user account experience

Authentication is more than a login, Cryptr provides you all features you need for a full customer user account service

Cryptr users management As A Service offers a modern approach to handle end-users authentication security for web and mobile applications.