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Enterprise ready

Make Your SAAS Enterprise ready

Expand your market and sell to enterprises with a ready to use & universal SSO, whatever their auth providers or protocols.

Log in the employees of your customers

Easily adapt your enterprise login to your customers and provide a dedicated login for their specific SSO

Enterprise ready illustration

Designed for the IT admins of your customers

Free your customer support by integrating directly to your app settings space an easy step by step white-label SSO configurations

Reduce your sales cycle

Save months to your developers

Free your support team

Easy login for the employees of your customers

Each of your B2B customers can use their own SSO authentication to allow their employees to access to your application

Companies increasingly require SAAS to log into their SSO for security and user experience reasons. It’s a request that you will meet more and more frequently during your business development. Building authentication for enterprises is complex, hard, and time-consuming. With Cryptr you make your authentication compatible with all SSOs (SAML, ADFS, OIDC) and identity providers (Okta, Ping Identity, Auth0, OneLogin, Google,...) used by your customers or leads.

Organisation finder illustration
Organisation finder illustration

A wide range of SSO providers

Access to a large catalog of SSO connections to AD, SAML, OIDC, Microsoft Azure AD and identity providers like Okta, Ping Identity, OneLogin, Google

Multi-tenant organization

A tenant for each of your customers that allows you to serve multiple enterprises from a single API. Each of your customers can have its own SSO login portal with a dedicated database for its users.

Dedicated infrastructure

You have your own infrastructure dedicated to your company and your customers.

Just in time user provision

Automate the authentication of your customers' users and allow them to create accounts when they first log in. Access validation is done automatically via the information flow of your customers' identity provider. No need to require the agreement of an admin during the onboarding.

UI Editor

Create and design a custom SSO login screen for each of your customers with no code. You can personalize each registration or login page of your B2B customers with their own branding.

For the IT Admin of your customer

Easy & quick onboarding for the IT Admin of your B2B customers

Free up your customer support by integrating an interface for configuring your SSO connections directly into your solution with a step-by-step for your customer's IT Admin. Send him a link to configure within minutes the access of your service via their SSO.

Support your customers

Be at the side of your customers in the configuration steps according to their needs

Integrated in white label to your apps

An interface for configuring your SSO connection requests directly integrated into your solution

Track your customer onboarding progress

View in real-time the progress of the SSO connection configuration by the IT admin of your client

Quick onboarding for SSO

Unlock the potential of your market

Be ready to sell to enterprises and don’t miss business opportunities due to requirements from IT admins. With Cryptr you increase revenue, minimize risk, and reduce the sales cycle.

Cryptr users management As A Service offers a modern approach to handle end-users authentication security for web and mobile applications.