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Add Authentication System In Minutes, With High Security

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2. copy paste code snippet on client & server side

Easy and quick to set up on your application.

3. enjoy & start on what it’s matter

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Only Few Lines Of Code

On the Frond side : a javascript library CDN with a simple button form to copy/paste. Our plugin generate in 5 minutes to get a customizable authentication screen “Password Less”, integrated directly into the application, web or mobile. On the Serveur side : a package to add to your dependencies (example: a NPM dependency if you are in Node.js or gemfile in Ruby On Rails)

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cryptrBox({ container: "#cryptr-box" })
Crypt r saas overview

Use Our Security Rules Engine

Easily and quickly create your own security rules with our automated workflow system. Also benefit from a large number of pre-programmed security rules and deployable instantly for app authentication.

Bring many features to your admin & users without code

A complete administrator’s interface, configurable and customizable according to your needs. Very easy and simple to use for the administrator even for non-tech people.

multi-factor Authentication

Easily add MFA (sms, magic link, ...) according to the uses cases of your customers : multi-device connection, ... .

Login sso

Enable your users to access multiple services, websites and applications with a single sign-on system.

Detect account shares

Control and block the number of account shares a user can make with his username and have more potential customers.


All the information you need in real time to know and manage all activities related to authentication and security of access to your application.


Manage the access policy of your users on different devices (change of computers, ...) through our Multi-Factors Authentication system.


Manage and monitor your security policies with automated or custom workflows. Use our autopilot including all necessary security rules.