For a passwordless authentication

Jeremie Flandrin

A solution to secure your user accounts

For a passwordless authentication

When we met Gilles and Gaël, the researchers behind Cryptr’s technological core, I was convinced by Gilles’ words about passwords: they are one of the most important problems of authentication.

The password is the weakness

With the right technology, the right people and a little imagination we could solve this difficult challenge and change the first step common to the consumption of any service in SAAS. The registration and the connection had to be redesigned.

We did not leave a blank sheet, we started from a patented authentication protocol. He himself designed specifically for a unique cryptographic technology on the market. The philosophy is simple: the password is the main weakness, so no password for better identification.

In fact, more than half of online consumers still use the same passwords. Not because they are stupid, but because it’s convenient. Security must be practical, otherwise people do not use it.

The only viable long-term solution is to replace the passwords, and that’s what we decided to do. This is the first step of our journey.

Democratize security

We consider the password as a brake on the adoption of good practices. Security is quality when it is easily adopted by users. In addition, traditional security solutions for businesses are often too complicated and unattractive.

That’s why Cryptr will not have austere interface. It will be a simple & untrained solution for non-developers, and without the need for security expertise for developers.

We want to democratize security for all companies regardless of the size of their organization. From freelance to mid-size company. We will not be an elitist solution.

Don’t rebuild the wheel

We love web products … and the people who make them. We love spending time with entrepreneurs. Those are passionate people, who are constantly challenged, and have to learn constantly. But when you create a company and an internet product, there is so much to do.

One constant keeps coming back to the creation of a platform. We must always manage users, with the lot of issues that are correlated. This is a recurring registration, which, if it goes well, is followed by user connections.

Problems are not limited to registration and login

In addition, if these actions take place smoothly, many frictions appear on these vital operations throughout the operation of an online service. The failures have a significant impact on the turnover. Not to mention the disastrous image that the person who comes to try your product.

Indeed, the problems multiply around these subjects. For reasons related to security, but also good customer support and support, we must monitor a large and varied number of often vital events, since related to this single point of access to your services (login / registration) . Which users are struggling to connect? How much trust to those who register? Do you have access hours? Authorized locations or not? Suspicions of fraud? … The quality of your registrations and connections is a major issue for the life of your service.

There are many ready-to-use libraries for registration and login. But they do not directly solve most issues related to registration and connection.

A solution for the security of your user accounts

We’ve seen how Stripe revolutionized online payments, how solutions like Forest Admin save developers time, and give admins a tool wich make them developers free, and help them to appropriate the administration the service they sell.

It’s time to do the same for account security.